ANAM 2021 – 12th AIISA NADCA Annual Meeting

Once again this year, we attended the national meeting organised by AIISA (Italian Association of HVAC System Hygienists), of which we are a member, during which “hot” topics were discussed with many of the Italian players in the HVAC technology and maintenance sector. It was also an opportunity for our ASCS-NADCA certified technicians to refresh their knowledge.

The tagline of the 2021 event was “HVAC sanitisation: technologies and solutions compared

Needless to say, Sars-CoV-2 was the main driver of the discussions, and we were pleased to point out that we at Global Trading had already internally put in place a series of processes and technologies to guarantee our clients the highest levels of effectiveness in terms of minimising airborne microbiological risk, even before this important topic came to the fore mainly due to the spread of the virus.

It is also satisfying to see that what we work towards every day is considered of primary importance to maintaining good hygiene standards in systems and daily living environments, at work and at home: we will continue on this path so that we are always one step ahead and able to give the best possible service to all those who put their trust in us.


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