We clean and sanitise your HVAC system to guarantee you good air quality. We eliminate all pathogens from your system without the risk of cross-contamination in the area of intervention, without the need to remove fittings and furniture.

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Every system has different configurations and characteristics resulting in different levels of risk of exposure to contamination. For this reason, all our work follows a dedicated custom protocol, based on the configuration and area of intervention.

In all types of industry, from food to pharma, it is necessary to maintain appropriate hygiene and safety conditions in order to guarantee healthy environments for workers and the company at large.

The systematic application of maintenance and prevention protocols to HVAC systems, which are increasingly found in restaurants, ensures a healthy environment and human health, as well as compliance with the applicable legislation.

In high-occupancy commercial areas, indoor air quality is essential to guarantee human health and well-being. Cleaning operations and a scheduled maintenance and prevention plan guarantee healthy air and compliance with the applicable regulatory framework.

Prompt attention to the hygiene conditions of HVAC systems guarantees healthy air and the safety of every guest and employee. Cleaning of the HVAC system and a specific protocol designed to prevent interference with the facility’s operations are key to guaranteeing hygiene conditions and complying with legal obligations. 

The HVAC systems present on board require specific attention to guarantee adequate air quality, a condition necessary for human health and well-being. Cleaning of the HVAC system and a dedicated procedure to protect the on-board environment guarantee adequate hygiene conditions as well as the health of the owner, their guests and crew.

In these environments, whether public or private, maintenance of HVAC systems is fundamental, and closely correlated to the various IAQ aspects responsible for conditions affecting the respiratory tract, the skin or immune system, to which not only patients but also healthcare workers are more exposed and vulnerable. Thorough maintenance of the HVAC systems guarantees the necessary hygiene and air quality conditions, both essential for the health of patients and staff.


It is important to maintain good hygiene conditions within HVAC systems in order to prevent the development, proliferation and spread of pathogens, to guarantee adequate air quality and a healthy environment which meets applicable regulatory requirements.

Human Health

It has been scientifically proven that the level of contamination in indoor environments is up to 5 times higher than outdoor levels. Conditions such as allergies, headaches and respiratory conditions are closely linked to air quality. 

Environmental Health

A healthy environment depends on the quality of the air it contains: proper maintenance of HVAC systems eliminates pathogens, improves the microclimate, and reduces staff absences due to illness.

Legal Protection

Regular maintenance of HVAC systems provides protection from the risk of civil and criminal liability.


At the end of the work, we issue a technical report and certifications for the cleaning and sanitisation carried out on the system, supported by analyses from laboratories accredited by “Accredia” (the only accreditation organisation for laboratories in Italy).


The Global
Trading Protocol

Our work is planned and managed through the application of specific procedures, without the need for support and with particularly fast execution times and minimum impact on the client’s day-to-day business activities.

The treated areas and systems are immediately returned ready for use.





A cleaned and sanitised system obtains a hygiene certificate of conformity as provided for by the applicable legislation.



You will be able to demonstrate the hygiene compliance of your system with the applicable legislation requiring the preventive maintenance of HVAC systems in the event of inspections by statutory bodies.



A hygienically efficient system is equally efficient in terms of performance, translating into lower energy consumption and reduced running costs, with sustainability benefits.

All cleaning and disinfection is performed following an inspection by our specialist, certified technicians. Contact us to check the hygiene and performance level of your systems, and book a free initial inspection. We will prepare your personalised prevention and maintenance plan.

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