Cruise ships, merchant ships, offshore platforms, as well as mega yachts need to maintain the highest standards of health and safety of the on-board environments to avoid the risk of fire and the danger of the development and spread of pathogens.

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Our organisation has strategic bases in Italy, the USA and Poland, enabling the logistical management of technicians and equipment for worldwide operations of the highest standard. All our operations are customised, guaranteeing the continuity of normal activities, without interfering with on-board life.



We maintain the efficiency of your HVAC systems in terms of both energy and hygiene. We remove the build-up of particulate matter, including dust and sedimentation, as well as any bacterial, fungal and viral growth which could compromise indoor air quality and reduce the efficiency of the system.

We guarantee a healthy and comfortable work environment, protecting the health of employees and ensuring greater overall productivity.

What We Do:

Eliminating Cross Contamination

In order to eliminate the risk of transferring contaminants to areas undergoing treatment, we apply environmental engineering protocols to reduce the risk of spreading contaminants around the local environment.

Deep Cleaning

We perform complete cleaning and sanitisation of HVAC systems, guaranteeing healthy environments which comply with the required legal parameters.

Optimising Efficiency

Maintaining the proper hygiene conditions of systems also optimises their energy efficiency, enabling reductions in power consumption and therefore running costs.


Health and hygiene in your company’s kitchen is fundamental and benefits productivity.

We clean and sanitise cooker hoods, ductwork and motors of the extraction systems serving kitchens, removing the built-up layers of grease on the inner surfaces of the system, eliminating the risk of fire and ensuring HACCP compliance, guaranteeing a safe work environment which complies with statutory hygiene standards.

What We Do

Removal of Residues

We carry out the complete cleaning of kitchen cooker hoods and extraction systems, effectively removing the built-up layers of grease on the internal surfaces of the system, including the extraction motor.

Improving Air Quality

The regular cleaning of systems eliminates foul smells and harmful fumes, improving the microclimate and guaranteeing a healthier and more comfortable environment.

Maximum System Efficiency

The regular servicing of extraction systems prevents unexpected, early failure of extraction motors, improving system performance and reducing energy costs.


Proper air circulation is essential to guarantee a healthier, more comfortable and safer work environment.

We carry out cleaning and sanitisation of ventilation and extraction systems, removing particulate matter of mixed origin which has built up on the internal surfaces of the ducts, restoring system flow rates and eliminating the risk of fire.

What We Do

Deep Cleaning

We carry out deep cleaning of ventilation and extraction systems, removing any built-up particulate matter.

Correct air change rates

A clean system will perform better, allowing the correct air change rates to be achieved, making the environment healthier and more comfortable.

Optimising Efficiency

The efficiency of a ventilation/extraction system is closely linked to its level of cleanliness.


We guide and support clients in complying with guidelines and the application of the relevant protocols, including the preparation of the risk assessment document and implementation of health surveillance plans (sampling and laboratory analysis) in order to prevent and control the development and spread of Legionella in HVAC and water systems.

We carry out shock treatments, as well as implementing continuous treatment systems where necessary, to guarantee appropriate hygiene conditions and compliance with the applicable legislation.

What We Do

Analysis and Monitoring

We carry out periodic sampling and laboratory analysis in accordance with the risk assessment document in order to constantly monitor the presence and concentration of Legionella.

Legionella Treatment

We carry out Legionella treatments with the use of biodegradable disinfectant products approved by the Italian Ministry of Health and the WHO, restoring the necessary hygienic operating conditions.

Custom Interventions

We design and implement custom treatment plans based on the specific system configurations, adopting the best technical solutions to guarantee a safe working environment which complies with the applicable regulations.


We perform cleaning of the exhaust manifolds of the main engines, completely removing deposits of soot and other combustion residues, as well as carrying out repairs of surfaces damaged by rust perforation and applying specific coatings.

What We Do

Deep Cleaning

We carry out deep cleaning of the funnels and the exhaust manifolds of the main engines and incinerators, removing residues, deposits and scaling which have built up over time on the internal surfaces of the ducts, in order to eliminate the risk of fire and reduce atmospheric emissions. 

Inspection and Maintenance

In addition to cleaning, we carry out video inspections to assess the structural condition and build-up of stratified unburned particulate matter inside the exhaust lines of the main engines.

Regulatory Compliance

Regular cleaning of exhaust manifolds is essential to guarantee safe conditions and comply with regulations governing atmospheric emissions. 


We carry out complete room sanitisation in the processing areas and offices of large industrial facilities, guaranteeing the elimination of bacteria, viruses, moulds and foul odours.

We use products approved by the Italian Ministry of Health and the WHO with the use of the best available technologies in order to guarantee a safe and hygienic work environment which is compliant with the applicable legislation, protecting employee health.  

What We Do

Deep Cleaning/Sanitisation

We carry out complete environmental sanitisation using the best technologies and certified sanitising products, completely saturating the environment (Ozone – Hydrogen peroxide – Cold plasma) and subsequently increasing the contact time of the oxidising agents in order to completely eliminate all forms of bacteria, moulds, viruses and any other pathogens present.

Surface Sanitisation

We can rapidly sanitise and disinfect all surfaces, including furniture, equipment and machinery, minimising interference and returning the areas ready for the resumption of operations.

Air Purification

We use advanced technologies to purify the air, removing allergens, fine dust and foul odours, improving the microclimate quality and creating a healthier and more comfortable environment.


All cleaning and disinfection is performed following an inspection by our specialist, certified technicians. Contact us to check the hygiene and performance level of your systems, and book a free initial inspection. We will prepare your personalised prevention and maintenance plan.

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