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About Legionella …


Summer is the riskiest period from the point of view of the risk of exposure to Legionella p. bacteria due to the general increase in temperatures.

Water systems, as well as HVAC systems, are potential centres for the development and spread of the Legionella bacterium, with stagnant water providing the most favourable conditions for growth.

The most critical time is when there are temperature changes between seasons (occurring twice a year, with the change from spring to summer and autumn to winter), during which heating or cooling systems are usually started up. These systems should have cleaning and sanitisation protocols in place for all the internal heat-exchange surfaces, those in direct contact with the air released into rooms.

The same applies to water systems, above all in accommodation facilities, when use of the systems intensifies after months of limited use which, unless prevention protocols are in place, can lead to a build-up of deposits liable to create the ideal environmental conditions for growth.

For water systems, it is also mandatory for system operators or owners to have a specific Legionella risk assessment document containing all the critical issues and specific risk factors relating to Legionella, along with a list of all activities already performed or to be performed to mitigate the risk of an outbreak as much as possible.

We recommend that all our clients always carry out preventive qualified and systematic maintenance so that their guests can safely use the facilities and to avoid any legal issues or potential shutdowns by health authorities and the requirement to carry out complete post-contamination disinfection of the entire system, with obvious financial and image ramifications.

We are always available to provide appropriate advice, as well as to propose dedicated, tailored plans to help you meet any and all requirements, with all our expertise and professionalism.

Our technical and sales department is at your disposal to conduct free inspections and assessments of the condition of your systems and anything else required to keep them safe and compliant


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