Global Trading’s Legionella Treatment and Prevention Method Becomes a Case Study

copertina tesi
The title of Giorgia Ruffini’s dissertation (in Italian): “Prevention and control of Legionella in water systems in order to contain biological risk”.

The serious issue of Legionella, which we have always placed great emphasis on in order to develop sound and effective methods as well as to provide adequate, effective responses, has allowed us to develop a flexible protocol able not only to reduce the incidence of the problem within systems, but to involve the clients themselves in a training and education pathway which then has positive effects in terms of the dissemination of a culture of prevention.

It is therefore with great pleasure and no little pride that we can announce that we have been chosen as a case study for the dissertation of Giorgia Ruffini, who recently successfully completed her degree at the University of Ferrara, with a dissertation focused on the increasingly relevant issue of Legionella entitled “Prevention and control of Legionella in water systems in order to contain biological risk“. The dissertation makes extensive reference to the comparison between the most commonly used methods for treating systems based on chlorine and chloramine, and the method developed by Global Trading to solve the problem.

All this gives us further impetus to continue developing and offering innovative solutions in response to problems which are not always at the forefront and often undervalued in the mainstream culture of plant management, but which have a major impact on human health and well-being. It is with this spirit that we once again offer our congratulations to Giorgia Ruffini for her achievement, in the hope that it is just the starting point for a successful future career.


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