“The relevant Italian regulations require the elimination of the risk of exposure to biological agents or the reduction of this risk to the lowest possible level. While it is not possible to eliminate the presence of mould, it can be contained with suitable preventive and monitoring measures, such as maintaining suitable indoor humidity levels (< 60%), adequate ventilation and compliance with general hygiene standards. Monitoring and inspection of air treatment systems and buildings is essential to maintaining the integrity of the building envelope and identifying water infiltration. In this context, the State-Regions Conference agreement provides practical guidance for assessing and evaluating hygiene-related risks in HVAC systems and for planning maintenance operations”

INAIL, the Italian National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work, effectively covers the topic of mould in confined environments (work and private) in a two-page publication, identifying what proliferation and contamination mechanisms are at play in relation to the chemical-physical characteristics of indoor environments.

The article concludes with reference to monitoring and prevention measures that can be implemented.

Fungal Contamination



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