Anti-COVID machine at the Istituto San Domenico di Guzman school

A moment from the ceremony performed in the courtyard of the Istituto Guzman school

The combined use of hydrogen peroxide, silver ions and super-oxide ions, under the control of an automated processor, allows a high level of disinfection to be maintained in full environmental and health compliance.

The application of this technology, in a single machine, to eliminate bacterial, fungal and viral loads in indoor environments allows high sanitisation standards to be achieved, in addition to daily cleaning protocols, supporting the continuous maintenance of safe and healthy environments, including where people are present.

It is therefore with pleasure that we have donated a machine equipped with this technology to the San Domenico di Guzman school in La Spezia, presented in the presence of Mayor Pierluigi Peracchini, our President Enrico Pinza, and the head of the school, Sister Hilda Esperanza de la Cruz Martines. Despite the uncertainty that COVID-19 has brought to all our lives, we hope with this gesture to make a small contribution of our own to the community of children, who will be able to attend school in greater safety.

All the articles from the press pack, with the statements of the participants, are available on the websites of La Gazzetta della Spezia, CittadellaSpezia and local newspapers La Nazione and Il Secolo XIX.


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