ANAM 2023 – 14th AIISA NADCA Annual Meeting

The 14th edition of the AIISA NADCA Annual Meeting came to a close on 8 June 2023: an annual event open to all HVAC industry members and operators. The event took place in Bari, southern Italy, on 6, 7 and 8 June 2023, offering the chance to share knowledge, experience and perspectives about the inspection, maintenance and cleaning of HVAC systems.

The AIISA association, founded nearly 20 years ago by a group of companies that wanted to raise the quality of work in the sector, constantly strives to improve the well-being of end users. This year, AIISA has maintained its commitment to offer high-quality training, partnering with the NADCA as an exclusive partner in Italy. AIISA provides qualification courses for professional ASCSs (Air Systems Cleaning Specialists) and CVIs (Certified Ventilation Inspectors), guaranteeing comprehensive and recognised training for experts in the sector.

AIISA plays a key role in promoting hygiene in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems, working in partnership with organisations, professional associations and health authorities. Together, they are committed to creating introductory seminars, courses and webinars dedicated to the importance of HVAC hygiene in order to protect the health of occupants. AIISA’s main goal is to ensure adequate training and awareness to improve indoor air quality, thus contributing to occupant well-being.

During the 14th AIISA NADCA Annual Meeting, important topics and discussions on the new frontiers of HVAC hygiene, innovative technologies in the sector, and best practices for system maintenance and cleaning were covered: a great opportunity to expand personal skills, as well as network with some of the main players in the sector. 

“Our goal is to promote quality as knowledge,” said the president of AIISA, highlighting the association’s commitment to supplying effective solutions for a healthier HVAC environment. “We will share our experience and discuss future projects, which will help raise quality standards in the sector even further.”

The 14th AIISA NADCA Annual Meeting came to a successful close, leaving a significant mark in the field of HVAC hygiene. AIISA will continue to promote training, collaboration and innovation to guarantee safe and healthy HVAC environments for everyone.

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